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Responsible business

The business is moving forward with a strong ESG agenda

A purpose-led Group

As a Group driven by a passion and commitment to improving people’s health and wellbeing, ESG is at the core of our business. Our purpose is to protect the unprotected and connect the unconnected. We exist in order to create a positive impact on society:

  • Ensuring there is an affordable, straight-forward way for all UK workers to gain access to health insurance.
  • Helping organisations provide fair and appropriate remuneration and benefits to their workforces.
  • Supporting the holistic wellbeing of people in the UK – both at work and at home.

The progress that we make against our ESG goals is therefore very important to us and a priority at Board level. To reflect this purpose, we report not only on our Social goals, but also our Societal ones, where in we aim to make a positive impact on society through our offerings.

Progress in last 12 months

Our commitment to being a responsible business is front of mind and the Board is committed to continuing to make progress on the goals formalised in 2020. Some of the highlights include:

  • We have installed solar panels at our headquarters, are examining further energy efficiency initiatives, and will be moving to a renewable energy provider once the energy market steadies.
  • The use of solar panels have significantly lowered our MegaWatt hours. In 2022, 13.4 MWh of energy were generated which would power 4.6 homes for a year and equates to planting 157 trees.
  • We are committed to ensuring all employees have easy access to learning. In 2022 Group employees completed approximately 9,546 training hours, up 39% on 2021. This included Continuous Professional Development, Insurance Distribution Directive alongside bespoke training courses.
  • We reviewed our apprenticeship opportunities and have invested in existing and new employees to offer apprenticeships aimed at developing skills for the future.
  • In partnership with Dame Kelly we launched Transform our exclusive wellbeing solution. Transform provides exercise, mindfulness, meditation, recipes, and broader wellbeing content to enable the individual to take control of their wellbeing.
  • In conjunction with the Financial Wellness Group, we ran a series of Budgeting Bootcamps, which were made available, for free, to both our employees and our clients. This six-week programme was designed to increase ‘money-confidence’ and provide tips and tools to manage money and support people through the cost-of-living crisis.
Environment Environment


While we are a naturally low- emission business, we take a proactive approach to mitigating the environmental impact of our operations and supply chain.

Social Social


Our purpose is helping to Protect the Unprotected which expands into our day-to-day work.

Societal Societal


We believe our vision, to create a brighter future for the UK workforce, brings a responsibility that goes beyond our clients and their employees.

Governance Governance


Governance is central to our ethos of operating with integrity.