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Responsible business

The business is moving forward with a strong ESG agenda

A purpose-led Group

As a Group driven by a passion and commitment to improving people’s health and wellbeing, ESG is at the core of our business. Our purpose is to protect the unprotected and connect the unconnected. We exist in order to create a positive impact on society:

  • Ensuring there is an affordable, straight-forward way for all UK workers to gain access to health insurance.
  • Helping organisations provide fair and appropriate remuneration and benefits to their workforces.
  • Supporting the holistic wellbeing of people in the UK – both at work and at home.

The progress that we make against our ESG goals is therefore very important to us and a priority at Board level.

We pride ourselves on doing the right thing, a value that is shared throughout our entire organisation. Just as this drives our day-to-day work, it is also reflected in how we operate as a business at all levels.

The Group’s ESG strategy is overseen by the Board and develops appropriate policies and practices to ensure that we continue to work towards our targets.

This responsibility is reflected in the fact that progression against these targets is linked to Senior Executive and Board compensation.

2021 - 2023 Progress

Our commitment to being a responsible business is front of mind and the Board is committed to continuing to make progress on the goals formalised in 2020. Some of the highlights include:

  • Head office energy usage lowered from 14.3 Mwh / £m of revenue to 8.2 Mwh / £m before revenue restatement, as a result of efficiencies in energy usage and inclusion of solar panels.
  • CO2 usage of the fleet has fallen by 17%, driven by replacement of fleet vehicles with lower CO2 and hybrid vehicles.
  • The Group has continued its commitment to give 1% of EBITDA to its charity PACT through which it has maintained its long-standing partnership with Memusi.
  • Improvements have been made in the equal representations at salary quartile level by gender and ethnic mix across the business with an ethnic employment proportion increasing from 14%  to 18%.
  • Independent directors remain at 57% of the Board, with a 43% female ratio and a 14% ethnic proportion, all of which are within the targets set by the Board.
  • The Chief Executive pay ratio as a proportion of the median employee has remained in line with the market averages.
Environment Environment


While we are a naturally low emission business, we proactively seek to mitigate the environmental impact of our operations and supply chain.

Social Social


We believe our vision, to create a brighter future for the UK workforce, brings a responsibility that goes beyond our clients and their employees.

Governance Governance


Governance is central to our ethos of operating with integrity.