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Investment proposition

Why invest in Personal Group?

A progressive, profitable business addressing a rapidly growing market

A diverse and robust business

Offering a broad market proposition spanning reward consultancy, employee benefits and insurance. This end-to-end solution makes Personal Group more attractive to clients and increasingly more resilient to market forces.

High retention rates on insurance products, strong revenue visibility thanks to recurring revenues from SaaS licences and strong repeat business on provision of home technology salary sacrifice products.

26% of our clients take advantage of two or more of our segments

Addressing a rapidly growing market

Demand for our services has never been greater as employers put an increased focus on improving their employee value propositions. Employers increasingly see employee benefits and wellbeing services as essential for recruiting and retaining staff in a competitive talent market.

Post-pandemic, we’re seeing sustained demand for our affordable insurance products, both from employers looking to make their workforce more resilient, and employees who want some financial security in case of ill health or death.

41% of employees worldwide plan to leave their jobs this year (Microsoft study)

Digitally-led model with proprietary software platform at the centre

A digital solution that allows employees to access a wealth of financial, physical, mental and social benefits through an easy to use platform and app. Easy for new offerings and business lines to be integrated into the platform.

Annual recurring revenue across the Group’s digital platforms now stands at £3.6m. We are improving and adding to our digital platforms all the time.

539,051 activated users on Hapi and Sage Employee Benefits

Cash generative, debt-free and a strong balance sheet

Cash generative with regular income generated from insurance premiums collected by our clients through payroll deduction and annual digital subscriptions paid in advance. 

This together with strong financials underpins a longstanding policy of paying a significant level of profits as a dividend as well as providing firepower for growth.

£22.9m cash and deposits with no debt as at 31st December 2021

Experienced management team

Board and senior leadership have a deep understanding of the business, and a proven track record in scaling-up businesses. We utilise a combined wealth of knowledge and experience to help the business achieve success and keep it moving forward.

Our senior leadership comprises a mixture of recent experienced external appointments and those with a historic understanding of our business.

180+ years combined experience in the industry

Ambitious plans with clear roadmap to growth

We have outlined a clear strategy to drive significant growth and momentum is building with 86 new clients secured across the Group in 2021 and further progression made on partnerships.

We are diversifying customer bases and channels to market to future-proof our growth and our focus for the next few years will be on driving insurance sales through new and existing channels, transforming reward and benefits and accelerating our SME offer.

+1.5m reach ambition to support over 1.5m employees with our products and services