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Investment proposition

Why invest in Personal Group?

A progressive, profitable business addressing a rapidly growing market

The right offering for today's world

The world of work is changing, and our offerings are needed now more than ever. Employers are more aware and more determined to support the wellbeing of their employees, to help retain and incentivise their workforce. Meanwhile, the ongoing effects of long-COVID and NHS wait lists have highlighted the potential impact of poor health on people’s ability to maintain their income and support their families.

95% Hapi Platform Retention

Unique sales proposition with high levels of brand awareness

Our market review has identified that we are the only affordable insurance offering delivered via a face to face sales model, and that this is the sales method that is most effective in our target markets. It has also identified that our brand is well known and liked, providing a fantastic basis for future growth of our customer base.

11% increase in unique client numbers, to 555

Strong financial position

We have achieved strong growth in profitability, driven by record new insurance sales and new client wins. We are profitable, cash generative, debt free with a strong balance sheet and dividend paying.

We have seen recurring revenue streams grow in 2023 by 14% to over £38.3m. This high level of revenue visibility means we  can be confident in our continued growth.

£20.1m in cash and deposits as of December 2023

Large growth opportunity

The investments we have made in expanding our offerings, sales team and partnerships mean we have a stronger business,  with an increased growth opportunity.

Informed by our market review, the Group developed a targeted marketing strategy aimed at specific customer types and the most appropriate market segments. Our addressable market is now the majority of the UK workforce, either addressed directly or through our partners, such as Sage. Our market research has shown there are approximately 9.8m employees in the UK without or with partial short-term sick pay support and approximately 2.8m employees with no short-term support.

635,733 activated users on Hapi and Sage Employee Benefits